The BRAVVE Life was birthed in 2012 when I left my masters program to build my business. I did not know what I was doing but I knew that I was being led to step out and take the biggest leap of faith I had ever taken. In that year, I not only began to learn the process of writing and publishing my book, I soon learned how to allow my gifts, talents and abilities shaped the BRAVVE Life that I live happily today! 

Each year I was given "brick", which were very valuable lessons that I had to learn  when it came to building the BRAVVE within. When storms hit and I was surrounded by chaos, these "bricks" helped me to stand on the very faith that I often professed. Within 6 years I have become more, Bold, Resilient, Authentic, Vulnerable, Victorious and Empowered than I've ever been! With all that I have learned and still learning, I have built a lifestyle brand that has become a marketplace + movement

that I desire to share and help others to become BRAVVE in their life as well. 

The BRAVVE Life brings you...

BRAVVE Life TV is where FAITH meets Reality! We take pride in telling REAL stories of Faith with a Raw and Authentic voice. Your story is bigger than a book or social media, share your story with us and let's go GLOBAL together! 

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BRAVVE Life Prep is the ULTIMATE Life Skills Training Platform where I teach moms and millenials how to navigate life's challenges in the midst of chaos by FAITH! Through LifeCourses and Interactive events, you will learn how to use faith based tools to overcome and soar in life! 

As a storyteller, I always dreamed of going beyond the pages of books and publications to share stories of Faith and Triumph on screen! I was afforded the amazing opportunity to partner with Exposure TV Network to birth the BRAVVE Life TV channel!  BRAVVE Stories are not just written about, they are to be seen and heard!Check out what BLTV is excited to bring into 148 countries and 8 million homes!