beyond the book 

You wrote a book, its compelling, captivating and life-changing to the reader, Now What? Many times as authors we know that our book can do more than hit the bestsellers list, we want to make a bigger impact in the lives of the people that read it or even those who have not. The message is what has the ability to change lives. Beyond The Book is my signature program for authors, writers and storytellers who want to take their story beyond the pages. 

Go Beyond Collectively


Going beyond collectively

Beyond The Book Academy is a

5-week program for authors, writers, speakers and storytellers who desire to create a bigger impact and even bigger income based on the power of their story!

Go Beyond One on One

going beyond 1:1

Going Beyond one on one is an exclusive 7-week program designed for those authors, bloggers, speakers who  desire: Exclusivity, Accountability, Intimate support, and Customized structure

Together we will: 

- Develop and plan your first signature workshop 

- Create your custom supplemental materials. i.e. workbook, worksheets based on your book or blog and the power of your story

- Create and Develop your pitch plan 

- Identify organizations and companies that match your brand message 

- Create your signature suite based on your signature message 

1:1 Clients will Receive: 

- A custom DFY workbook (up to 45 pages) 

- 5 Worksheets

* Digital and Printable*

- Program/Workshop Blueprint

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Go Beyond Solo

BIT.LY_BeyondTheBookAcademy (2).png

going beyond solo

4 Week Course Includes:
- Weekly Emails with course teaching

- Weekly assignments via video presentation

-Course worksheets for the purpose of creating your own signature workshop, program or talk 

 Course Details: 
* Own Your Story: Becoming the expert of your experience 
* Choosing The Write Content Wisely  
* Creating, Developing & Facilitating Your Signature Workshop 

* Pitching Perfect to Profit 

- Books, Blogs, Beyond Guidebook: Turn your content into cash 

- 3 Custom Worksheet Templates