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* Classes will be available January 15th*

LIT Courses + Classes

The writing journey can be frustrating, confusing and many times overwhelming. If you are a new writer you may feel like you are walking around in the dark. If you are seasoned and want to take your writing to the next level there is LIT Class or Course that is perfect for wherever you may find yourself on your writing journey. 

For Beginners

Everyone has a story to tell and most of us want to tell it but have NO clue on how to begin. The Write Start, is a course that will help you formulate your story in the "write" words, create an outline to get you started and how choose the best way to write and share your story! 

If you know what story you want to tell but you are struggling with actually writing the story, you need a guide to help you get well on your way. Outline Write! Will walk you through step by step on how to start your outline, create your story board and write your first chapter with clarity and ease. Also included in this course is a custom template on creating a writing schedule (because you will need it) that fits you life and will help you meet your target deadline. 

For The Love of The Craft  

Your story has a special place in  your heart and even though it is one you desire to share, you may feel hesitation in sharing certain parts of it. In "Write From The Heart", you will learn how to tell your story in an intimate way without feeling as though you are losing a piece of your soul. The truth is, your readers want to connect with you on a level that will speak to their heart as well as yours. You will no longer write surface but straight from the heart! 

There are times when you will have words whirling around in your head and you have no idea where to put them. Or maybe you have an idea for something and you are not sure where or how to put it together to make it into something great. "Mynd Space" in the perfect class to help you to get your creative thoughts down on paper and give you some direction on where you can take them. You will also learn creative writing techniques, how to learn your voice and style with NO PRESSURE, No Idea or thought will be wasted! 

Going Beyond
The Book or Blog 

Do you have a book or blog you have written and you are looking to do something more with it? 

This mini class will teach you the 5 ways in which you can turn your content into cash. "Books, Blogs and Beyond: Turning Your Content into Cash" is a 2 hour course that will teach you how to make your book or blog the business you desire for it to be.

* This is a Pre-Course to the signature program Beyond The Book* 

You wrote a book, its compelling, captivating and life changing to the reader, Now What? Many times as authors we know that our book can do more than hit the bestsellers list, we want to make a bigger impact in the lives of the people that read it or even those who have not. The message is what has the ability to change lives. In"Beyond The Book"

*Signature Program Course* , teaches authors, bloggers and storytellers alike how to use the power of their story and create your signature workshop, program or service that will impact the lives of those they are meant to reach and serve. 

The Business of Writing 

Writing a book or blog is one thing, publishing is a totally different animal. In this course you will learn how to market effectively, promote without pitfalls and publish like a pro! 

* This workshop will feature guest facilitators, some of the best in the industry*

Stories That Sell

They picture is worth a thousand words, well those thousand words can be compelling and moving or it can be something that will have people thinking you should be out away for life. Don't let the pressure of building a business or sharing your story have you sacraficing your soul. This intimate and in your face workshop will teach you how to share your story beyond the surface but not at the expense of sacrafcing your soul. 

Starting a new job can be intimidating especially when you feel like your writing may not be up to the standard of the company or organization. In this course you will learn how to write the perfect resume to get you hired, learn how to write emails, memos or reports that will be worthy of you training others and articles for your company that will stand out above the rest. Writing has many avenues, find your lane and dominate! 

Writing personally is different than writing for business. 

* This workshop will feature guest facilitators, some of the best in the industry*


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