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The LIT Suite 

If you have ever said, "I'm going to write a book", then  look up year after year and haven't written a page but continuously feel those "kicks" of your story waiting to be released, In The LIT Suite, there are several ways I (The LIT Doula) can assist you to Release the Fear, Write Through Your Emotions, and Birth the Greatest Story Never Told...


If you are a new writer and looking to begin your writing journey and would like coaching, mentorship & accountability along the way, then this level of coaching will be your best bet! Included in this package: 

- 8-10 Sessions of mentoring, training, personal development, coaching & accountability 
- Custom Writing Schedule 
- The Write Outline & Audio 
- Book Cover Creation & Assistance 
- Editing + Proofreading 
- Marketing + Promotion Plan 
- ISBN & Copyright Purchase 
- Email Support 
- Beyond The Book Strategic Plan 


Book LIT Coaching 

Payment Options

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You've written, published and launched the book, now its time to take it Beyond! Learn how to use the power of your story to transform the lives of the people you were meant to serve by developing and creating your Signature Suite of Services!
TheBeyond The Book- One To One is the perfect solution for you, especially if you desire:

- Accountability
- Intimate support
- Customized structure.
Together we will:
- Develop and plan your first signature workshop
- Create your custom supplemental materials, i.e. workbook
worksheets based on your book and the power of your story!  
- Create and Develop your pitch plan 
- Identify organizations and companies that match your brand message 
- Create your signature suite 

Book Your Development Session Now! 

Do you have an idea or TONS of notebooks that have valuable content that you have not done ANYTHING with? Are you unsure of where to begin or haven't known who to ask? Well look no further, I can help you:

- Strategize your ideas
- Develop + structure your concept and already written content

- Assist you in building the perfect workshop or program for your unique brand and message 

- Workbook (up to 15 pgs) + Worksheet (up to 6 pgs) Creation + Development

-Develop your LIT Pitch Plan 

   Book Your L.L.C.Session! 

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