The Virtual LIT Lab is the online version of the mobile LIT Lab. The Virtual LIT Lab offers virtual and digital LIT Courses, Monthly Workshops, Virtual Summer Session Camps for kids and teens, Virtual Summits and One on One LIT Coaching/Tutoring. With the change in our world's way of learning and doing business, The LIT Lab is a company that is innovative, creative, and always ready to serve in every capacity.


The LIT Lab was designed and created to help kids, teens, and adults to learn and develop the power in their voice and using it through the power of words and storytelling.  Our courses, workshops, and services provide the tools, skills, confidence to share your story, develop your craft, express yourself creatively, and learn how to profit from your story without sacrificing your soul. 



Virtual LIT Courses 

LIT Courses are for new writers, authors, storytellers, and creatives who want to learn how to share and create more profit based on the power of their story.

All courses are available for:

kids (6-12) and teens (13-17)

*​with parental permission*

Adults (18+)


How to Tell a Story with Impact

For the new writer who desires and is ready to share your story but you have no idea where to start or what to write about. This class will help you find the clarity, your story's sparkle, and how to actually write it. 

This one hour course includes:

- 10-page workbook 

- 5 Worksheets

- 15 minute one on one power session 


How to Create Cash from Your Content
BTB Mockup .png

Books, Blogs and Beyond is the main course for authors, bloggers, and those who desire to share their story after the book is written. You will learn the 5 ways to make your story success with ease and confidence. Never again feel like you just have a book on the self, use what you have, and build your platform on the bricks of your story. 

Share Your Story with Success

Is your life or story one that you have felt shame for or thought it was too much to share? Have you ever thought that you could turn the shame of your past into a story of Success? This class will teach you how to do just that! 

This is a one hour course on: 

-Where to begin in telling your story 

-Choosing the right genre 

- Building the right platform to share your story

- Building the right Connections

How to Plan, Produce & Profit Virtually Launching Your Book 

This course is for authors who want to create a strong online audience of readers and presence. Your book doesn't have to be just for a live audience, online is in!

You will learn how to: 

Plan your launch successfully 

Produce an impactful and fun launch online

Profit with book sales and a deep connection with your audience

This one hour course includes:

- 20-page workbook 

- 3 Fillable Worksheet

Classes will be held via Zoom. Once you register you will receive a link within 24 hours to the class portal and worksheets. 


The Virtual LIT Lab is proud and excited to announce its first virtual summer session for kids and teens!

In light of what our world has experienced due to COVID 19, parents had to transition to teachers and educators which is not easy for everyone. In preparing our children to return to school in person and now with virtual options we as a company understand that any help goes a long way. 

Introducing The LIT Kids Summer Virtual Session!

A full week intensive where your kids & teens will learn: 

- Foundational Writing Skills

  - Creative Expression

- Writing with Confidence
- Poetry Writing

- Book Writing and Development


- Penmanship

Each day sessions begin at 10 am and end at 1 pm with the last day being a special presentation day! All LIT registrants will receive a LIT Lab t-shirt, Digital Workbook, Notebook, and Pen. 

Registration is NOW Open!