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Live BRAVVE, Unapologetically, & Creatively by Faith!

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My BRAVVE Story 

First Things FIRST, let me tell you why I am BRAVVE- Bold Radical Authentic Vulnerable Victorious and EMPOWERED...


I really SHOULD NOT be here! Honestly, I should have been dead at least 7 times but God has other plans for me. 


The Early Years ...

I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. The doctor told my mother I would not walk and I wouldn't be able to speak well... 

At the age of 6, I was put into foster care and adopted at 7. For 10 years I had no contact with my biological family. When I looked in the mirror my reflection confused me and I struggled to accept who was looking back at me. Was I the kid who spent 7 years with the family who allowed her to be taken away or the young woman being raised by strangers who tried their best to love her as their own? I just didn't know who I was or where I truly belonged.

By the time I reached 18, I left my adopted family so I was on my own and left to navigate this world alone because I made a choice to be with my "real" birth family. That backfired quickly and I found myself in a cycle of homelessness and desperate survival mode. 

Ado-lessons (Not a typo, my young adult years were tough!) 

Before the age of 20, I had lived in 10 different places and was a MESS! I had been raped, became chronically homeless and lost what was left of my self-esteem. Life was stupid so I tried to end mine.

I was broken, unstable and unsure of where my life was headed until God showed up, bringing the right people in my life to help steer me in the right direction 


The BRAVE Years

My story doesn't end there but on this page it does. Read the rest of my story here!


my braVve books

I've always had a desire to become an author. I was obsessed with stories as a child and I fell in love with the art of writing after reading "I know why the caged bird sings" by the amazing Dr. Maya Angelou. I independently published my first book in 2016 and have since published 4 more and counting. Writing books is a passion of mine and it allows me to share my story of hope, strength, faith and power to those that need it and teach others how to build a successful life by the power of their story. 

The Pursuit of Self: Discovering who you are in the midst of chaos. 

The BRAVE Life: 

What to do when Life knocks the FAITH out of You

A Woman's Journey to Self Assurance: The Journey to BRAVE 


"Trusting God Through The Chaos: 

31 Day Devotional for Women and Men Navigating The Chaos of Life"

Order NOW! 

Life and Business

 MOMS Who MOVE is a blog about the journey of life as mom. It is filled with encouragement, Real Life stories, hard truths, resources, and advice for moms who have are unapologetic about pursuing their dreams while holding their kids on their hip on the way to the top! 


Creative Writing & StoryDevelopment

Life has a way of throwing you down a flight of stairs and leaving you for dead. You were not meant to just lay down and die alone, Go has called you to GET UP and be Bold, Resilient, Authentic, Vulnerable and Empowered! Are you ready to live The BRAVVE Life? 

Lifestyle Blog 

BOLD Creatives is an Instructional Design & Content Development Company that creates programs, curriculums, trainings and supplemental materials such as workbooks, worksheets for small businesses, non-profit organizations, coaches, and entrepreneurs.  We also specialize in helping you to develop the right content for your business, program or workshop. 

Instructional Design & Content Development

The LIT Lab is a full creative writing and story development company that teaches and coaches kids, teens, and new writers in the art of story development, book/blog writing, publishing, and turning your story into a success.

The LIT Lab also hosts virtual /live writing workshops and creative writing classes and summer sessions for kids and teens. 

Events and Happenings
In The Virtual LIT Lab...
My BRAVVE Events & Happenings
The LIT Lab.png

The LIT Kids Summer Virtual Session!

A full week intensive where your kids & teens will learn: 

- Foundational Writing Skills

  - Creative Expression

- Writing with Confidence and MORE!!!

The LIT Kids Summer Session is for ages 6-12

Virtual Session Starts July 15th 

All LIT registrants will receive a LIT Lab t-shirt, Digital Workbook, Notebook, and Pen. 


Now Open for Authors, Bloggers
& Storytellers

Beyond The Book Academy is a

5-week program for authors, writers, speakers, and storytellers who desire to create a bigger impact and even bigger income based on the power of their story!

Enrollment is now open 


To Book Takima for: Speaking Engagements, Custom Workshops for your company/organization contact: 


Atlanta, GA

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