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I work with business owners, coaches and speakers by helping them to incorporate and connect their stories in written form to build powerful brands and businesses that generate BIG incomes and a GREATER impact all while living

The BRAVVE Life™!

Let me help you Write, Develop, Design and Structure the "write" content FOR your business while you work IN your business!


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Welcome to My Virtual Space!


Hey, Hey come on in!

I am Takima Howze, Creative Writer, Author

Instructional Designer, Creative Storyteller, Content & Copy Writer, Content Strategist.

I Love a great story and mine is BRAVVE, here's why...

I am

Bold - I am not afraid to challenge the status quo. I stand up for what I believe which is my FAITH. I am Unapologetic in my choices because in the end, I know, trust and believe God has my back, front and sides!

Resilient - At the age of 19 I became homeless and moved 7 different times in one year! At 28, I became homeless again with my daughter and we had to figure it out together. I failed and fell several times but each time I faced a setback or a challenge I ROSE up stronger than before! I don't let my circumstances keep me from reaching my highest potential.

Authentic -  There is Noone in the world better than me, being me!

I embrace all that I am: quirky, fun, sassy and playful! Laughter is my medicine and I take it daily!

Vulnerable- I tell my STORY with Pride! Not to boast but to let others know they can become who they were created to be in spite of what they've been through. I share the parts people would rather hide because I know that is where the true POWER of my story lies.

Victorious- From foster care, to homelessness, to stability, I celebrate every victory! I am never a victim but a student of all the trials I have faced. Without them, I would not be here.

EMPOWERED - In all that I've been through, I am here to share the story, the journey and teach others to do the same. I have built a successful business using my Gift of Writing, Talent of Creativity and The ability of Structure. My business is grounded in showing others Everything is possibly Faith, Trusting God and Using Your Gifts, Talents, Abilities & Story to build a life & businesses and that are Successful, Authentic and Powerful!

Every test became my testimony and ALL my mess has become One Powerful BRAVVE Message & Business Woman!

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Things People Say About Me

Writing books is a passion and that allows me to share my story of hope, strength, faith and power to those that need it. My mission and purpose is to teach others how to build a successful life by the power of their story. 

The Pursuit of Self: Discovering who you are in the midst of chaos. 

The BRAVE Life: 

What to do when Life knocks the FAITH out of You

A Woman's Journey to Self Assurance: The Journey to BRAVE 


"Trusting God Through The Chaos: 

31 Day Devotional for Women and Men Navigating The Chaos of Life"

eBook Available ONLY

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Your work is AWESOME!  You understand my Vision! 

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Excellent service! I enjoyed working with Takima!

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I briefed Takima Delivered! Very impressed and will definitely be giving her more work in the future!

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5-week program for authors, writers, speakers, and storytellers who desire to create a bigger impact and even bigger income based on the power of their story!

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I am now available for speaking opportunities (Live & Virtual)

for the last quarter of 2020 & The New Year 2021!

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