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A course that comes with this book! Yes, I have created a course that will help you process through your own personal pursuit of  yourself. The 1-Hour video recording will help you to journey and discover who you truly are to be all that you were designed to be! 

The Pursuit of Self: Discovering who you are in the midst of chaos 

BRAVE storyteller and creative writer Takima Howze shares her life's journey in her debut memoir, "The Pursuit of Self Discovering who you are in the midst of chaos". Life can sometimes pull us in so many different directions that we will feel as if we are in a whirlwind and quickly lose ourselves in the process. 


If you find yourself: 

* Facing a major storm in your life and can't seem to find your way 

* Have experienced a traumatic event and has caused you to lose your identity and self-worth

*  Are in the midst of a major breakdown and can't seem to figure out how to get back up


This book will help you to discover: 

* How to redefine who you are in-spite of what you have experienced and how not to allow what has happened to you to define you. 

* How to wear the right "outer" garments to weather each storm you face in life. 

* The tools to build you back up after you have been broken down. 


The Pursuit of Self is a book that will not only help you to make it through storms it will also show you how to discover the best parts of you even though you may find yourself right in the middle of your chaos. You will learn what you are truly made of and how to use your challenges as a stepping stone to be the best You and Pursue! 

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The BRAVE Life: What to do when Life Knocks the FAITH out of you

The sophomore book"The BRAVE Life: What to do when Life Knocks the FAITH out of you", Takima Howze takes you through the process of being BRAVE (Bold~Resilient~Authentic~Victorious~Empowered) and how to stand in the face of adversity and revive your faith when it seems to have knocked out of you. 


If life has challenged your...

*Faith in ways that have pushed you to your knees 

*Ability to be Bold when fear is all around you 

*Strength to get back up when you have been knocked down several times 

*Identity and you are you've found yourself trying to be or measure up to someone else 


The BRAVE Life will show you how to Be:

* Bold when your confidence is shaken

* Resilient when you are weak and need to push through 

* Authentic when you are struggling to figure out who you are 

* Victoriously Vulnerable when you feel like you can't and aren't winning in life 

* Empowered when you don't feel it but will teach you how to use your storm and turn it into your story to empower others

The BRAVE Life book is a book that will teach you how to face life & the challenges it brings. When what is meant to destroy you actually becomes the bricks that lay the foundation of who you are meant to become. The B.R.A.V.E. Life will give you the tools to learn how to make it rebuild when you've lost it all and when fear has held you captive. At the end of reading this book, you will be able to stand up in the middle of the Fear & Frustration and Claim FAITH because Your Storms have Made You B.R.A.V.E!

Get The BRAVVE Life Course and Book!  This 

1-Hour course will give you the tools to build a BRAVVE Life in the midst of chaos! In life we will face storms but you don't have to cower to the elements. You will learn the tools, skills and strategies that will allow you to keep and  expand your FAITH! 

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A Women's Journey to Self Assurance- Anthology Project: Chapter 8-Not Your Typical BRAVE Girl 

My journey to self-assurance was anything but a positive one. Being placed in foster care at the age of six because of a drug-addicted mother who couldn't take care of me. To growing up with a disability that caused me to be bullied and not love myself and who God created me to be, to being single, saved and pregnant at 28. Chapter 8 of A Women's  Journey to Self-assurance will encourage and inspire you to use your flaws and failures in life to become a woman who no longer needs validation from others but to trust the voice of God an trust in who He created you to be.  

masterclass coming soon!

Trusting God Through The Chaos:
31 Day Devotional for Women & Men Navigating the Chaos of Life

When life comes at you hard and you find it difficult to handle it makes you feel like you are completely out of control. Things get overwhelming, you get frustrated and you kind of just want to throw in the towel, right? We've all been there. Life happens and it gets rough and sometimes we need to just take a break and breath. This 31-day devotional is the perfect solution to help you learn how to manage through the rough times and still be and live in calm and peace. 



For Women

For Men

Course series coming soon!

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