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The LIT Lab is a full creative writing development and production mobile studio that teaches and coaches writers and creatives in the art of story development, book/blog writing, publishing, poetry, and turning your story into a success. The LIT Lab travels to various cities and states to bring the art of writing and creativity to those who need and want it! 


The LIT Lab also hosts events and writing workshops that will help you develop your gift of writing, express yourself creatively and learn how to sell your story without sacrificing your soul. 

The LIT Lab will also feature guest creative instructors and the best writing coaches in the industry.

For Kids and Teens

The LIT Lab teaches kids how to use creative writing, storytelling and the power of telling their own unique story to build confidence, positive self-esteem, and strong communicative skills. Statistics show that in 2019, 45% of 4th graders do not read on a proficient level. This greatly impacts how students learn, write and communicate.

The LIT Lab is passionate about the growth of the children and teens they serve. We are dedicated to tackling these stats and decreasing those numbers. In the LIT Lab, they will learn the art of writing, foundational writing techniques, perfecting school essays, strengthen and develop their writing skills that will improve their literacy and reading comprehension. On the creative side, they will learn how to write and publish a book, start a blog, write poetry, create and perform monologue speeches and many other literary activities! 

For Mommy Writers

Are you a mommy writer? You're in luck! The LIT Lab was created with you in mind. The LIT Lab has

"Little and LIT", a childcare service for mommies who need someone to look over their little ones while they focus on their work. "Little and LIT" will also have writing workshops, fun activities that will foster a strong reading foundation in your little one as well as the art and gift of writing. 


New and Seasoned Writers 

As a new or seasoned writer, you will have the option of booking a quiet and serene space to write and complete your project. You will have access to coaches for assistance as well as the ability to book the space to host your launch or workshop pertaining to your specific message. 

*Option Not Available at This Time * 



We Are Virtual!