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 I specialize in writing compelling content and copy that incorporates your story with your business brand message.  I can help you develop of the "write" content that will generate more cash for your business. I take pride in working with individuals who want creativity, the power of their story infused in their message that will ultimately reach their audience on a deeper and impactful level.  


 Content & Copy Writing 

Writing content can be a challenge and a big MAZE! It can feel like you have all the words and ideas in the world but no direction on how to use it. Let me help to put the pieces together to BUILD, CREATE, and WRITE the vision and make it PLAIN together!

Done With You

content conversations

This service includes: 

- Gaining clarity 

- Structure in your business and building content

 - Content & solid plan to help you go Beyond to the next level as a

writer/author/coach/entrepreneur on and offline 

Content Conversations will help you discover how to become clear on your content message.




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This Service Includes:

- 3 One on One Sessions

Create Content pertaining to 

audience needs 

- Strategize your ideas
- Structure your already written content

- Assist you in building the perfect workshop or program for your unique brand and message 
-Develop your LIT Pitch Plan


 For Authors and Bloggers

-Identify your Perfect Fit Platform 

- Workbook +Worksheet Development

L & L will help you get to get clear on the content clutter and create the program, book or blog of your dreams.




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I know you want to spend time working with your clients and you don't want to have to worry about writing content or copy FOR your business.

Let me take care of the writing so you can focus on your people! 

Done For You

This service includes:
- Email  Development Management
- Blog Content Writing (If needed)
- Contract Development, Editing, and Sending
- Social Media Content Management
- Client On-Boarding and Follow-Up
- Project Management
Letterhead creation
- Manuals & Brochures

(up to 2 special projects per quarter)

This service is a tailor made service that is custom to fit your company needs. 

This service is offered as a 

weekly block hours or monthly retainer.

Administrative content management

This service includes content conversion for:
-Videos and Podcasts
(up to 5 videos/podcasts)
I will transcribe the visual/audio in into  written form

Develop and Create
- worksheet, workbook development
(upon request)
- Program/Workshop

This is a custom service that will take your audio and/visual content into written content that can be transformed into a signature program, workshop or ebook

Content conversions


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-This service includes:
-1.5-hour planning & strategy session
-Content Development Includes: Landing page , About Me, Product/ service feature, Contact me
- 3 rounds of edits
$950 (Full Landing Page) 
$375 per page

This service provides creative written content for landing pages or websites

Web & Landing page content 


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-Social Media Content Creation
-Social Media Content including themed weeks
- Graphic Creation (up to 15)
- IG and FB Content Posts 

-Prep & planning session

(Including pictures)
$2,000 monthly retainer

This  is a custom content development service that will cater to your brand   message and story  for your social media 

social media content development


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 Instructional Design & Course Development 

workbooks & 

Upgrade your coaching program, course or workshop with a complete custom course build-out. 

This Service Includes:

- Course Development Planning Session (1 hour)

- Workbook up to 80 pages (Content included )

- Worksheets up to 15 (Content Included)

*Content NOT included add $300*

Im Ready To Go Beyond

design & Development
For Coaches, Authors, Instructors, Business Owners
curriculum, Course

Bold Creative curriculum design offers a unique approach in developing a custom course blueprint. Our principal consultant and designer provide a strategic and purpose-driven approach when creating the perfect program for your business, company, or non-profit organization. 

This Service Includes:

-  Development Planning Sessions (1 hour)

*minimum of  2 sessions*

 -Assessment Strategies, Outline, Complete Course/Program Buildout, Facilitation Strategies, Evaluation Tools 

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For Non-Profits (New-5Years), Entreprenuers, Speakers
ebook & ecourse

Bold Creatives ebook creation design offers a unique approach in developing a custom ebook  or ecourse based on your business or company's specific message and or repurposed content. 

This Service Includes:

 - Complete Course/Program Buildout, Facilitation Strategies, Digitial Workbook or Worksheet

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Dominate in the digital space with a custom ebook or course

 Book & Story Development

This service includes:
- Discover how to start your writing 

- Become confident in sharing your 

BRAVE story 
(One 1hr Session) 
- Set the pace to birth your book or 

- Receive the BRAVE and LIT Toolkit

The Write Process is

the place to start if you are a new writer and looking to begin your writing journey, or are confused about how or where to start.

The Write Process


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This service includes:
- 2 Sessions to discuss the focus, theme and contents of your book

- Writing, Editing and Proofreading
- Book Cover Design

Take your business, brand or story to the next level by writing an ebook!

Don't worry you're not writing it, I am!

write your ebook


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Visionary Coach @latashaledbetter


Certified Christian Life Coach @LyvonneCopeland

Adama Bracewell,

Relationship Coach @A.B.Bracewell

 "I hired Takima to draw up contracts for the cast of an upcoming production, I'm directing. She did an outstanding job. I was presented as more professional and as the businesswoman I am because of her expertise and wording."  

Vyce Johnson, Playwright, Author, Tech Teacher-@VMJMedia


" I had the pleasure of working with Takima on a few projects. She is extremly attentive to my needs and wants in all my content projects. She added flare and creativeness to what I wanted to portray in words. She showed true professionalism from beginning to end. I will keep coming back because I know I will receive amazing work. "

Laurasha Lovett, Fashion Designer & Blogger -@FashionLifeCoffee


" I would like to applaud Ms.Takima Howze for an amazing coaching call today. If you have not tried her services you should! If you are an online business owner as I am, you would truly benefit from one of her strategy sessions! "

Aneesah Thibodeaux, Financial Coach -@AneesahThibodeaux