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Are you ready to g.e.t. it in 2023?!

February 1, 2023

Its 2023 and you may feel like, January is here and I am still not sure what direction I want to go in. 


You may be kicking yourself because you didn't take advantage of the million vision planning events that happened BEFORE 2023 because if you don't have your whole 2023 planned before, you would be behind when the new year hit... 

The TRUTH is it doesn't have to be this way, Your New Year begins WHEN YOU DECIDE! 



This experience is for: 


Business Owners 

Creative Entrepreneurs 

If you have been wanting to GROW, EXPAND, and TRANSCEND your current reach of clients, audience, customers or readership, this 5 day experience will teach you: 

1. How to use what you have (Books, Blogs, Your UnTold Story) to create a TANGIBLE product 

2. Using tools to help you develop your signature offer 

3. Tell Your Story with Confidence 

4.How to connect with your audience OUTSIDE of your current reach ( On and Offline) 

5. How to position yourself to bring in the income you desire

what you will get: 

In 5-days you will receive:

  1. BookBizCamp Interactive Worksheets

  2. BBC (Book +Biz+Camp) Itinerary and Schedule

  3. Access to FB Group

  4. Plan + Strategy to Launch your signature offer.

  5. LIVE Sessions



  • Laser Coaching and Q&A: Where you can ask ANYTHING you want pertaining to your own offer.

  • “Books, Blogs and Beyond Guidebook”

Meet Your Teacher!

Hi I am Takima Howze and I am super excited to take you through this BookBizCamp! I have been helping, teaching, and equipping people for years with what I have done myself and learned. I LOVE to teach what I know and assist others in reaching those they are meant to.

My journey started while in college (SUNY Plattsburgh) I was an R.A. and facilitated many workshops and programs. I later held women empowerment events at my home and decided I wanted to build a life where I could inspire people with my story and creativity. I later became a life skills trainer and in 2015 I wrote and published my first book. I was booked at 3 different group homes to share my story and teach workshops based on my books.


In, 2014 I shifted my entrepreneurial focus online and I began sharing what I had done and I found many needed what I was capable of teaching. I hosted my first online workshop called, “I Wrote A Book, Now What” a 3-day bootcamp. It went really well and since then I have revamped the content to make it better and fresher! It has been 3 years since, I have taught this course and I am excited to bring it back, in 2023 with a very NEW LOOK, FEEL and FOCUS!


I Hope to See You in the BookBizCamp!

                        Join The BookBizCamp Here:

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