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The BRAVE Bounce Back: Being You BRAVEly!

I'm BACCCKKKK!!! And if you are reading this blog post you stayed with me, thank you!

Alot has changed and transpired since I last blogged and I am super grateful for this brand new fresh start and simply because I am here, I am Alive and God has entrusted in me a charge to take the world by storm, OWN It and do what He has allowed me to do in the earth, can I get an Amen!

Okay-- I'm done preaching, lol

Its been taking a while for me to find my footing in a new city. Since my last post, I moved to Atlanta from New York City and I struggled for a long time figuring out my place. I felt like I was having to fit in to the make up of this city. Then I made the mistake of trying to still live like a New Yorker in Atlanta, BIG Mistake! I began to feel so out of place and frustrated. Not being able to find a place, money lost, opportunities drying up, getting set back one time after another, it was starting to feel like I made the worse decision of me and my daughter's life. I didn't know who I was anymore or who I was supposed to be for that matter. In New York, I was a shining budding entrepreneuer making good money and was going up. Then I became a struggling small business owner who began to lose clients and was not making any connections to bring on anyone new. What was going on and why? I didn't have the answer for a couple of months. Then I began to intern at a non-profit organization working with the homeless population and things began to drastically change for me. I was brought back to who I was at the core and was reminded what my true heart's desire was.

For the first time in a long time I feel like I am truly myself. I am the true Takima I was always meant to be and I am becoming more and more comfortable and content in my own skin. I have some settling to do into myself but overall I am truly loving me, my purpose and passion. I am embracing the journey as it is even though it took me some time to get here.

Now that I have shared my personal story and heart I want it to encourage you. Five years ago God birthed something in me. I didn't quite know what it would turn into and it has since become my brand and it is now morphing into a movement. Everything about me and my lifestyle is BRAVE (Bold Resilient Authentic, Victorious Empowered). Being BRAVE is something that most of us want to be, desire to be or just are, right? For some of us we have to grow into our BRAVENESS and that takes time. When I had my daughter now six years ago, that is where the journey and the birth of BRAVE began. Within the first five years I was given the jewels of BRAVE and in that time I learned and grew into a different aspect of being BRAVE:

Year 1 taught me Boldness which is to truly believe and stand for what you represent. Year 2 taught me to be Resilient in the face of adversity when all hell is breaking loose in your home and life and you have mouths to feed with little money in your bank account. Year 3 taught me Authenticity which I know is overused right now but hear me out. Being authentic is not just staying true to yourself because if you don't know who you are, how can you be true? Being authentic is always telling the truth about where you are, not allowing others to take you off track to where you are headed and to honor your successes and your failures and becoming better because of them both. Year 4 taught me Victory which is celebrating every choice, every victory no matter how "tiny" it seems. Little things become larger things so celebrate All things! Year 5 taught me Empowerment which is after having been knocked down , dragged, hurt, in pain, you STILL get up, dust yourself and keep going and bring others along the way.

With each year God took me through some stuff, I experienced set backs, trials, challenges and I perservered. After overcoming each hurdle, I realized that I became each of the compenents of being BRAVE.

Bouncing back BRAVE is more than taking a courageous plunge into something you were afraid of doing, or standing up to something or something that was intimidating. Its using the very thing that tried to knock you down as the spring board to bring you back up stronger and more powerful than you were before. Its knowing you will get knocked down in life but believing that you have the ability to get back up again. Your BRAVE Bounce back is the very thing someone is waiting on because they are looking at you to believe they can do it to. I am not saying that will be easy but you just believe that you can, have faith that you will, you have it in you to Live The BRAVE Life and to...

Let nothing stop you and watch and see your life change before your very eyes!


I want to share a few things with you before I sign out:

1. My Books are availble at "The BRAVE Bookstore" on my site. Make sure to check that out! 2. I will be hosting my first Live event in Atlanta,GA , stay tuned for details! 3. If you are a mom and business owner/entreprenuer and want to share your experience/struggles in being a mom please send me an email at: 4.My signature "Beyond The Book" program will be opening its doors for the spring session of the new LIT Academy in May! Check back on the site for registration details 5. New courses, programs and workshops are coming your way. Make sure to stay connected to find out whats to come!

Until Next Time, Be you, Stay True and Live The BRAVE Life!

- Takima The Writer

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